What makes southern kentucky financial services different from other investment advisors?

At Southern Kentucky Financial Services, we provide you the convenience of one-stop to deliver coordinated investment management, tax management, financial planning, insurance & estate planning, retirement planning, and charitable giving strategies, ultimately providing you a household CFO to help maximize your wealth.

In addition to our financial, tax, & investment knowledge, we have built a community of other successful, working American families, providing us the benefit of sharing the experiences, issues, strategies, and opportunities they have faced to help bring customized solutions to you.

Chances are whatever you are going through in life, we have already helped clients navigate those same issues and can share the strategies and results.

Furthermore, Southern Kentucky Financial Services offers an integrated suite of wealth management and financial planning services that are designed to care for our clients’ entire financial picture. From tax planning to investment management, healthcare and long-term insurance strategies, and specialized Social Security planning, we deliver professional, holistic knowledge in many financial areas.